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About Us

The IPSA is now trading under the new name "Leisure Horse Ireland".

Our new website is now live and we will be phasing out this website over time.

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Welcome to The I.P.S.A. website! - The online portal of Ireland's largest coloured horse & ID "solid" colour ID registry.

Aims Of The Association

1) To provide an efficient and cost-effective registration process for all solid coloured non pedigree (ID passport) horses.

2) To effectively organize and maintain a stud book for coloured horses and ponies of Irish origin.

3) To issue internationally recognised identity documents for all solid and coloured horses and ponies.

4) To licence coloured stallions.

5) To promote the interest in and status & appreciation of, coloured horses in Ireland and abroad.


The IPSA came into being in the early 1990’s as a coming together of like minded coloured horse breeders and loosely operated as an Irish branch of the British Skewbald & Piebald association (BSPA).

In the ensuing years The IPSA achieved recognition as a European Breed Type for coloured stock in Ireland and opened the door to official coloured classes in rural and national show.

In 2003 The Irish Piebald & Skewbald Association Ltd was formed, and after much effort we at last achieved official recognition from the EU and Irish Dept. of Agriculture as a Passport Issuing & Stud Book Authority thus establishing ourselves as a totally separate organization from The BSPA, exclusively serving Irish Registrants.

Over the intervening years registration numbers continue to grow and to further enhance the services we offer to owner / breeders, in 2011 we gained approval to issue equine identity documents suitable for all horses

In light of the very difficult economic conditions we are all experiencing presently, we have substantially reduced registration fees for the 2012 season, all the while maintaining the quickest turnaround of non pedigree registrations among the competing stud books.

We hope you find your visit to our web site informative and enjoyable. ......and thanks for dropping by!

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